Limmud Principles

LIMMUD NZ enables you to go one step further on your own Jewish journey. We are bringing a festival of Jewish learning and culture to New Zealand.

The format of LIMMUD NZ offers something for everyone. Every hour, people choose from the plethora of options that span the religious and political spectrum. The choice is surprising and exciting. World-class scholars lead sessions alongside enthusiasts and practitioners. Presenters aren’t paid and learn together with everyone else. Above all, LIMMUD NZ values the diversity of activities, ideas and participants. That is the spirit of Limmud International around the world.


We believe that every Jew should be a student and any Jew can be a teacher.

We strive to create experiences which will allow all to strengthen their Jewish identity.

We strive to create community – together we can achieve more than as individuals.

We expect our participants to act respectfully to each other, including to all volunteers. We believe it is important to make presenters’ biographies clear enough to aid informed choice. We are committed to treating all of our participants, and all sessions presented, with equal respect. No-one is more important than anyone else.

We do not seek to place greater or lesser value on one way of Jewish life, thinking or belief over any other.

To enable Jews to be together and not separate, we keep kashrut in public spaces (so we can eat together) and keep Shabbat in public spaces (so Shomrei Jews can fully participate in public activities).

We believe in the importance of supporting individuals to enable them to maximise their contribution to the community.

We believe that all have an important contribution to make, and that this is best done through voluntarism. LIMMUD NZ is not for profit but for the benefit of the community. As far as possible, any excess resources will always be ploughed back into improving Jewish education.

We value choice, diversity and accessibility in all our learning. We seek to have the greatest possible diversity of Jews participate in our activities.

We strive to create opportunities for connections across communities and individuals, by providing the space for these to happen.

Our Promise

Wherever you find yourself, LIMMUD NZ will take you one step further on your Jewish journey.