LIMMUD NZ 2015 – Presenting Maureen Kendler

“Why, does it always have to be the women who are pushed out,
left out-sent out to the back?”
– Jewish educator Maureen Kendler, London.


This year, LIMMUD NZ welcomes international educator Maureen Kendler from the London School of Jewish Studies.

Kendler lives and works in the Orthodox British community. She acknowledges the frustrations, indignities and lack of sensitivity often displayed towards women and offers a modern Orthodox perspective about women’s roles within Orthodox Judaism.

One of her topics this Limmud is titled ‘Woman at the Window’. “Being a Jewish Woman Today; Looking Out, Looking In”…’an exploration of the reality, prospects, and challenges for contemporary woman…’

Join us for a dynamic and challenging session with Maureen Kendler!

Registration will open very shortly, watch out for details in the next email.


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