LIMMUD NZ 2013…Ready, Set and Launched!

LIMMUD NZ 2013 was launched on Saturday night at the Raye Freedman Arts Centre with more than a hundred people, programme highlights and plenty of mulled wine! Gavin Beinart-Smollan (Jewish Learning Conference Class of ’07) and Roger Reynolds (LIMMUD NZ Class of ’13) each spoke about what LIMMUD NZ means to them: Gavin on his journey from studying in Israel to finding that Jewish learning could take place within the New Zealand community in a diverse, deep and inspiring way. (Gavin is now living in Israel but misses LIMMUD NZ and promises to be back on the programme one day!). Roger spoke about how he first encountered LIMMUD in its original home, the UK, and how pleased he was when it reached NZ. 

We then “met’ some of the presenters for LIMMUD NZ 2013 – with local stand-ins for our visitors from the UK, Australia and Israel – the real ones will be here in August – plus glimpses of local talent. 

Gavin and Roger have their own reasons for being part of LIMMUD NZ – yours may be different. But whether you are looking for text study or yoga, study or singing, culture or conversation – LIMMUD NZ 2013 has something for you.

Watch this fab video clip from last year’s LIMMUD NZ- filmed at LIMMUD NZ 2012 by Ilai Amir with some young helpers.

Register at for LIMMUD NZ 2013 – note we have a family package, plus out of town discounts and special youth pricing. Contact if financial circumstances are an issue.

Missed the launch? Don’t miss LIMMUD NZ 2013 August 10-11 Diocesan School Clyde St Epsom Auckland.