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22 & 23 August 2015 at Diocesan School, Auckland

LIMMUD NZ is a festival of Jewish culture through shared learning and teaching.


This year 2 new books will be up for discussion. We encourage you to read these before you attend LIMMUD 2015

zoneThe Zone of Interest: Martin Amis. Published August 2014

The Zone of Interest, is Amis’s latest novel set in Auschwitz. This book tells the story of a Nazi officer who has becomes enamored with the camp commandant’s wife. Amis weaves a love story between a mid-level Nazi functionary and the camp commandant’s wife, with a member of the Sonderkommando – the prisoners charged with cleaning out the gas chambers and disposing of the bodies – as onlooker.



lostLost and Gone Away: Lynn Jenner. Published July 2015 Lost and Gone Away is a shared meditation on distances of time and place, which ultimately focuses on the nearly unspeakable topic of the Holocaust as seen from the perspective of a late-born New Zealander.
Between 2010-2014, Author Lynn Jenner made several related emotional and intellectual investigations. Lost and Gone Away is the literary record of these: a fascinating, four-part hybrid of memoir, essays, prose poems and poetry. Stuff reviewed the book saying: “It is quite possibly one of the best recent books on the subject by a contemporary New Zealand writer.”

Join us at LIMMUD NZ 2015 to discuss these books and hear a range of subjects, some differences of opinion and lots of chances to challenge your thinking.

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