Join us for a TASTE OF LIMMUD!

Please join us for a TASTE OF LIMMUD and to launch the LIMMUD NZ 2012 Programme on 12 June 6.30 for a 7pm start at Beth Shalom, 180 Manukau Road Epsom.

Featuring sessions by internationally aclaimed Jewish educator and Limmud co-founder Clive Lawton (for a preview, listen to Clive speak about the rhythms of the Jewish year and its key contents), and a number of other local talents. Entry by Koha.

After an introduction by Alison Dyson and Clive Lawton there is a choice of two sessions with a half an hour interlude to register for 18/19 August weekend and have coffee and cake.

First sessions 7.10 to 8:

Superstition or clarity – does Kol Nidrei really have the power? Presented by Clive Lawton, one of the fathers of the International Limmud movement, the session will include a unique classical recital by a string quartet from the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra performing the haunting meditation on ‘Kol Nidrei – Nigun’, by American composer Jacob Weinberg. The session will also include Eliah Sakakushev on cello playing  ‘Prayer’, by Ernest Bloch.

Pathways in Jewish History: Was Jesus a Jewish leader? – Udi Dvorkin, a popular local speaker with a Master’s Degree in Jewish History and Contemporary Judaism will present a fascinating insight into Jesus Christ & the Early Christians from his lecture series covering Jewish history from 1900BCE to 1900CE.

Second sessions 8.30 – 9.30:

Davening or driveling? Is there any point in praying? Clive Lawton, one of the fathers of the International Limmud movement, always challenges us. Clive is briefly visiting New Zealand in his capacity as a Senior Consultant to Limmud International. He holds a multitude of roles including as a governor of London’s Police Service, a magistrate and scholar-in-residence at the London Jewish Cultural Centre. Clive has been principal of a Jewish High School, Deputy Director of Liverpool’s municipal Education Department, Chair of a National Health Service hospital, Chair of Tzedek, the 3rd World Development agency. Besides his other roles, Clive works freelance around the world in educational, leadership, vision setting and team building fields.

Contemporary Israeli film and discussion – ‘Mapping’ by Asaf Saban, (15 minutes, Hebrew with English subtitles) produced by CinePublika, an Israeli film-related social movement established by local filmmakers. Rabbi Altschul will facilitate a discussion about this short film, which describes fragments of contemporary Israeli life: the separation barrier, Arab-Israeli co-existence, the sirens on the Day of Remembrance and the constant underlying tension.

How do you create meaning without a Temple? Udi Dvorkin will provide a further stand alone session about Jews in Israel during the Mishna time, after the destruction of the second Temple.

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