Jacqueline Nicholls at LIMMUD NZ!

We’re thrilled to announce the artist Jacqueline Nicholls as a Presenter for LIMMUD NZ 2013 

Jacqueline Nicholls’s work is extraordinary. She is a visual artist and Jewish educator. She uses her art to explore traditional Jewish ideas in untraditional ways. She uses drawing, print, papercutting, embroidery, and clothing in her art. She was a finalist in Ben Uri’s International Jewish Artist of the Year in 2007. She also teaches Tanach at the London School of Jewish Studies, and has been involved in Limmud (UK) for many many years. Jacqueline’s current artistic interests include “Draw Yomi” – drawing the Daf Yomi daily Talmud page.
Her sessions at Limmud will include:
  • Jacqueline Nicholls on Draw Yomi (Drawing the daily Talmud page)
  • Ghosts & Shadows – the Women who haunt the Talmud
  • Red Thread Amulets (workshop session)
  • In conversation with Rebecca Forgasz of the Jewish Museum of Australia
It is such an honour to be able to welcome Jacqueline to Limmud.  To see some of her incredible art go to jacquelinenicholls.com