Form the habit – Limmudise your life!

LIMMUD has grown from fewer than a hundred Jews in a cold room over Christmas week in the UK 32 years ago, into a wildly successful global movement for informal Jewish education that for 40,000 people is now an addictive annual treat and shmooze fest.

New Zealand is running its third LIMMUD NZ over the weekend 18 – 19 August at Kadimah School, 108 Greys Avenue, Auckland. Starting with Shabbat lunch it runs right through until Sunday evening.

LIMMUD’s strength lies in bringing together all the strands of what it means to be a Jew – the religious, the secular, the cultural, the intellectual, the Zionist and the anti-Zionist – anyone who has a common interest in Jewish learning and ethics.  Journalist Chemi Shalev sums it up well in Ha’Aretz:

Limmud celebrates an insatiable Jewish thirst for knowledge at a time of reality-induced, mind-numbing mediocrity; it features original ideas and outside-the-box thinking against the backdrop of increasing uniformity and spreading dogma; it gathers Jews of widely disparate backgrounds while isolation and sectarianism abound all around; and it allows free and open debate of the most controversial topics in a long-forgotten atmosphere of curiosity and mutual respect.”

Why Come to LIMMUD?

The only intergenerational, cross-denominational, unaffiliated Jewish event, LIMMUD brings you a wonderfully varied and free-spirited cocktail of lectures, debates and discussion. If you don’t want to learn, you can skip sessions and drink coffee and chat in the LIMMUD lounge with your friends – or with people you never usually meet – from across the country and beyond.

What’s covered? Ethics, metaphysics, theatre, art, writing, music, cinema, the Holocaust, Torah, Halachah and faith and much more.  Here’s a taste of the delights in store:

  • Sam Lebens, philosopher, political commentator and playwright discussing The Prophet & the Prostitute, The Torah as Temptress, and A Guide to the Guide.
  • Carol Millner, an award-winning freelance writer and poet with a background in theatre, running drama/ezine workshops for children.
  • Adinah Brown from Monash University debating with Israeli-born Ittay Flescher  (a hot favourite at LIMMUD NZ 2010) “Do we need God to be Good?”
  • UK-born (now Israeli) comedian and theatre artist Robbie Gringras ,whose globally performed plays revolve around the theme of complexity of love and understanding of Israel and Judaism, brings his comic performances to New Zealand for the first time.
    • · Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg, the founder of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, teaching  mindfulness meditation. 
    • Jeffrey Masson,  psychologist, writer, former Professor of Sanskrit and Indian Studies and the Director of The Freud Institute, sharing his insights as a significant collector of Holocaust literature.
    • …..and local gems including Lymor Fybish on art therapy, Rabbi Adi Cohen storytelling and discussing the Rambam, Eliah Sakakuschev on cello, Osnat Dvorkin on Avodah Aravit, Udi Dvorkin on Jews from Palestine and Arabs from Israel, Sarah Schieff on Jewish musicians & Sara Nevezie on Yiddish.

LIMMUD Needs You!

LIMMUD relies entirely on volunteers:  Please think about giving some time (even an hour helps) to assist with the many tasks of running the conference.  We need help before, during and after the weekend especially with:

  • cooking before and during LIMMUD
  • assisting with the children’s programme on Sunday
  • transporting, providing a meal for or accommodating speakers and out of town visitors
  • ….providing or facilitating a LIMMUD session

We believe everyone can be a teacher and everyone should be a student

For those who have not yet tasted the manna that is LIMMUD treat yourself to this special Jewish fest. Get the habit, LIMMUDize your life.

To be involved or to find out more, contact the LIMMUD Steering Group:

Volunteers: Viv Josephs

To Run or Participate in a Session: Tanya Thomson

Check out the LIMMUD website on or Like us on Facebook  Programme and speaker details will be up soon!