A proposal to Limmudize the whole Jewish world

From Haaretz:

By Chemi Shalev

Limmud offers bright-eyed and bushy-tailed enthusiasm, rather than humdrum establishment routine; it celebrates an insatiable Jewish thirst for knowledge at a time of reality-induced, mind-numbing mediocrity; it features original ideas and outside-the-box thinking against the backdrop of increasing uniformity and spreading dogma; it gathers Jews of widely disparate backgrounds while isolation and sectarianism abound all around; and it allows free and open debate of the most controversial topics in a long-forgotten atmosphere of curiosity and mutual respect.

Which is why I suggest that what the Jewish world really needs – and I don’t just mean the Diaspora, but Israel as well – is for this bubble to be inflated a hundred times over, for this fata morgana to be made into a permanent feature of Jewish life, for Jewish communities to be Limmudized, in effect, as much as is humanly possible…

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